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($5/Week) | Expired: 2018-05-10

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($8/Week) | Expired: 2018-04-30
($8/Week) | Expired: 2018-04-30
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($5/Week) | Expired: 2018-05-10
($5/Week) | Expired: 2018-05-10
Silver Magnet Limited
Our Investment: $10
ROI: $10 ( 100.00% )
Last paid: 25 Jul,2017
Hyip Monitored: 325 Days
Min Hyip Deposit : $5
Max Deposit: $25000
Referral: 10%
Withdrawal: automatic

4.5% daily for 30 days - 135% 5.5% daily for 40 days - 220% 6.5% daily for 50 days - 325% 700% after 90 days (once payment)
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All our lives we live and do not think about the elementary things, without which life is simply impossible. To assess the role of metals in our life is quite simple - just look back and look around. Metal everywhere - kitchen utensils, household appliances, cars, etc. And it would be strange if we in our lives did without that occupies a significant part of the chemical table of Mendeleyev. In 2014 we created Silver Magnet Limited. We are a team of professionals who managed to link all the world's leading ore-mining companies and producers of processing of polymetallic ores with the presence of such chemical elements as Cu, Ag, Au, Pt. We have learned to adapt and continuously work in different economic conditions. To each investor, the interest is calculated according to the selected investment plan at the specified time. Accumulated funds, system displays on the purses of depositors every day at - 15:00 (London). This applies to both deposits and referral funds. The investor who invested in the chosen plan 8 hours before the above time will receive a part of the daily income based on the amount of time elapsed from the beginning of the deposit.

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